Thursday, March 22, 2007

Revolutionary moments, humourus description!!

You are running in a field, stumbling into rocks, pinned by the bushes, stepping into dirt spots, falling into the ground, at one point you would stop, think back and say: "I can't keep on running through this path" you look ahaid, you see a different and better path and you decide to follow it.
that point is a revolutionary moment within an individual, tactical context, it is the same applied on society, when the mass consiousness of society realize's what society has been doing for the past history, decides to stop and thinkabout which path it needs to follow, takes a decision and heads forward. Such circumstances are most needed both the well being of the body and for the good of society, the ones who ban or stand in the way of the progress of society are the ones who can be best represented by either a common, mild or a strong virus that needs to be cleared out of the system just for the sake of being healthy!

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